Last week we talked in depth about ads, and why rewarded video ads are allowed on the Unleashd service. This is the last part of our series, in which we will talk about how you can increase your discoverability through the Unleashd app and other communication channels such as our newsletter, Facebook and Instagram.

The Revenue Share

Unleashd is built on experience from our founders who worked many years in game development before founding the company. Hence, we can relate to our partners and strive to put publishers' needs first. We understand how frustrating it is to use a service that has some vague algorithm that calculates your revenue share so we decided to be 100% transparent. Standard Google Play service fee is 30%, Unleashd takes 20%, while Publishers get 50% of the subscription revenue share. However, for each subscription retained after the initial 12 months both Google Play and Unleashd shares are reduced to 15% each, giving publishers a total of 70% subscription revenue share.The publishers’ share is then divided between Unleashd partners calculated each month for each subscriber separately. There are two types of revenue share included in the Publisher share: Conversion incentive and Engagement Revenue Share. 

The Unleashd app is where the players see all the games that are part of their subscription. The games are presented so that it is easy for players to see which games are most relevant to them based on which games they have already installed. This way, games that are part of Unleashd get exposed to users a lot more than on any store. They are also presented in a much more relevant way; people who look for games in the Unleashd app are already subscribers and so much more likely to download the games since they get benefits in them already.

Unleashd also sends personalized newsletters, discounts and offers to our subscribers. Players receive updates about the Unleashd games they are playing and publisher partners are given the chance to inject their own messaging into the newsletters in order to make it a more personified experience to all subscribers who play their game. This way the newsletter is relevant to the players and the publishers get a direct communication channel to connect with their players - for free!

Unleashd also gives special benefits to the publishers that are part of our soft launch. They are offered to take over our social media for a week and be featured all over the Unleashd website. The takeover also includes a social media campaign with a minimum of 5 posts which promote the game, and press release mentions which will promote the game and the publishers behind it.

Soft Launch Partner Benefits

This week marks the end of our five part series where we shared fun and interesting facts about Unleashd. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!