Integrated Subscription Service

Last week we talked about the Network Effect and how it will grow the overall number of subscribers in each game. This week we will dive into how Unleashd operates as an Integrated Subscription Service.

The Revenue Share

Unleashd is built on experience from our founders who worked many years in game development before founding the company. Hence, we can relate to our partners and strive to put publishers' needs first. We understand how frustrating it is to use a service that has some vague algorithm that calculates your revenue share so we decided to be 100% transparent. Standard Google Play service fee is 30%, Unleashd takes 20%, while Publishers get 50% of the subscription revenue share. However, for each subscription retained after the initial 12 months both Google Play and Unleashd shares are reduced to 15% each, giving publishers a total of 70% subscription revenue share.The publishers’ share is then divided between Unleashd partners calculated each month for each subscriber separately. There are two types of revenue share included in the Publisher share: Conversion incentive and Engagement Revenue Share. 

Choosing a subscription partner is a daunting task. Sure, revenue share is important to consider but there are so many other points you need to examine in order to find the right partner for you and your game. We will explain about Unleashd being an integrated subscription service and the benefits it comes with.

First of all, if you want the subscription to enhance your existing monetization, it has to stay with the game where it is and make it better. What we mean is that Unleashd will not take your game away from existing distribution channels (mobile app stores), rather it will be integrated into the game that is already live, through the Unleashd SDK. There’s no exclusivity so if you also want to run other monetisation methods, you’re free to do so alongside Unleashd.

Furthermore, the subscription benefits you offer Unleashd subscribers should not cannibalize your existing monetization. Therefore, we do not require publishers to unlock all IAP for free to subscribers or forfeit their rewarded ads. We think subscription can enhance your revenues in these avenues if you give subscribers discounts for IAP or double the ads rewards. And for premium titles the ‘buy full game option’ can stay alongside the subscription so players can choose if they want to buy the game to keep or play it while subscribed. All in all, we offer an integrated solution for subscriptions that integrates not only in the game that is already live but also into the existing monetization.

Next week we will talk more in depth about ads, and why rewarded video ads are allowed on the Unleashd service and how you can increase visibility through the Unleashd app and other communication channels.